We have a number of good quality, second-hand uniform items available for all sections – please see the list below. If you are interested in purchasing any of these we suggest a donation of £5 per item. Please see your section leader to discuss purchase of any item. If you wish to purchase an item of uniform, could we ask you to donate by online transfer to the Group bank account with your name and “uniform” as reference.

We are always grateful for any donations of uniform your children no longer need. Please would you ensure that you remove all name tags and badges before donation and that the item is washed. The uniform is stored in the downstairs room at the Public Hall – please notify your section leader if you are donating something so that we can keep track of all the items available.

Last updated: 13.02.2020

Item Size Number available
Blue trousers Age 5-6 1
Blue trousers Age 7-8 3
Blue trousers Age 9-10 1
Blue trousers Age 11-12 5
Blue trousers Age 13 1
Blue trousers Age 14 1
Blue trousers Size 8 1
Beavers polo shirt 24″ 1
Beavers polo shirt 26″ 5
Beavers polo shirt 28″ 2
Beavers sweatshirt 24″ 1
Beavers sweatshirt 26″ 1
Beavers sweatshirt 28″ 0
Cubs polo shirt 26″ 1
Cubs polo shirt 28″ 1
Cubs sweatshirt 26″ 1
Cubs sweatshirt 30″ 1
Cubs sweatshirt 32″ 1
Cubs sweatshirt 34″ 1
Scouts shirt XXS 2
Scouts shirt XS 2
Scouts shirt S 0
Scouts shirt M 2
Scouts shirt 34″ 1
Cubs cap one size 1
Scout leather belt 1